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» Dedicated teams or individuals
» You interview and select from our staff
» We integrate and work alongside your team
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The Agile way to Off-shore

» All-day collaboration
» Senior Software Developers
» Integrated teams
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Costa Rica

» Great Location
» Secure
» Same Time Zone

Nearshore Software Development - The Nearshore Advantage

Nearshore software development allows for all-day collaboration between the developers on the client team and our Latin American development team. Costa Rican time coincides with the Central Time Zone, so no matter where you are in the U.S., you're never more than two hours' difference from the team.

Welcome to Prosoft Nearshore

Software development outsourcing concerns are the same whether you use contractors or off-site resources: cost, availability of talent, scalability, team integration and communication. Many U.S. companies are finding that the best way to address these concerns is to build a nearshore software development team in Latin America.

Using offshore talent for software development has been a popular option for more than a decade, but for new software development projects going offshore to India can present myriad issues. Using a nearshore software development team provides a highly efficient, collaborative team extension.



We definitely get what we pay for and more. It would be a good value at twice the price. Full Testimonial

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