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    A world-class team with next-door service

    As a US-based company, we know how to deliver high-touch service. With 15 years of experience in application development consulting and staffing, we also have the established processes to ensure success and satisfaction.

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    We searched near and far - nearshore had all the answers

    Offshore may seem like a great choice due to the price, but going cheap comes at a price and will cost you productivity. Our nearshore is competitive with offshore options, and delivers quality work that’s unmatched.

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    The Costa Rican difference

    Costa Rica not only aligns with the US culturally, it’s perfect for easy scheduling and travel. You can be in Costa Rica in three hours from Atlanta. The country’s infrastructure, work ethic and education make it a perfect nearshore site.

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We definitely get what we pay for and more. It would be a good value at twice the price.

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  • Lessons Learned From A Hackathon

    For the last two years of my software development career, I have been learning and implementing new tools and technologies. In that time, I have worked with tools such as Python, MySQL, PHP, Node.js, Cassandra, DDD, Test Driven Development, Ember.js, Web API and most recently, Mass Transit Service Bus. I love learning, implementing and getting

  • A Better You

    There are quite literally thousands of diet and exercise plans populating the internet.  Entire books can be found in libraries and bookstores that contain the perfect plan for getting the perfect body.  Perhaps these plans are the ideal secret to crafting the healthy version of yourself that you’ve always been seeking.  Perhaps.   But it

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