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Prosoft Nearshore’s Agile Development Team

Prosoft Nearshore is a U.S.-based agile development outsourcing company with offices in Louisville, Kentucky, and San Jose, Costa Rica. We opened our first office in San Jose, Costa Rica, in 2008 and now have over 50 experienced web developers, agile development experts, and quality assurance analysts ready to serve you.

Our experienced team of tech recruiters is always working to find us the best talent in agile development and software engineering across Costa Rica and Latin America.

Top Agile Development Experts and Software Engineers

We take great pride in hiring the most experienced agile development experts and software engineers who have graduated from some of the best technical programs in Costa Rica. Our software engineers are experienced in the latest technologies including .NET software development, agile development, and scrum methodology, and they receive ongoing training to maintain and advance their technical skills.

Many of our U.S.-based clients use agile development with scrum. In order to meet this need, the Prosoft Nearshore software engineers are trained in agile development with scrum methodology. Whether you need custom software development, mobile design, java programming, quality assurance, or other custom software solutions, our software engineers are ready to assist.

Nearshore Software Engineers Offer Additional Benefits

The computer software engineers we hire in Costa Rica also have excellent English skills, enabling them to work very closely and effectively with our clients’ scrum teams.

Our expertise in agile development and our entire software development methodology enables us to easily scale to size depending on your project needs. Our talented software engineers are able to ramp up quickly to deliver you the highest quality technical talent at the most competitive prices.

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Prosoft Nearshore President, David Easterling

David Easterling

David has been leading Prosoft in Louisville, KY for more than 17 years and founded the Nearshore group in 2008...
Human Resources Prosoft Nearshore

Ericka Acon

HR Specialist
HR professional with more than 10 years of experience in the HR field working with multinational technology...
Barb Seewer1

Barb Seewer

Delivery Manager
Prior to joining Prosoft, Barb spent 15+ years managing and developing projects. Early in her career, she worked...
Mauricio Morales1

Mauricio Morales

Development Manager
Mauricio manages technical projects for Prosoft with focus in .Net, C, C++, C# and web application development....

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