Nearshore Technology – How it Works

Software Engineering Services with the Prosoft Nearshore Technology Team

nearshore technology teamThe Prosoft Nearshore technology team offers software engineering services to U.S. companies interested in outsourcing some or all of their software development work. Working with Prosoft Nearshore is easy. We work on a staff-extension model which is very similar to hiring a local IT contracting firm to provide software engineering services on-site.

Billing with Nearshore Technology

We bill hourly and focus our software engineering services on dedicated, long-term engagements. Our average length of engagement is more than three years using the nearshore technology model.

Software Engineering Services with a Team Approach

At Prosoft Nearshore, our talented team of software engineers, web designers, and quality assurance professionals work as an extension of your team. If you have an in-house agile environment, our agile programming team works as an extension of your scrum team.

Project Management that makes Communication a Priority

When you work with a Prosoft Nearshore technology team, you will have an Engagement Manager to ensure a dedicated focus on deliverables being met in a timely manner.

In addition, our software developers and information technology professionals have a high degree of fluency in both written and verbal English and are able to interact closely with your staff.

Nearshore Technology that Puts You in Charge

When you hire us to provide you with software engineering services, you retain control of the process. This means that the Prosoft Nearshore developers work under your direction, and you are allowed to select the software developers and IT consultants you want to work with on your team. When you use our nearshore technology software engineering services:

– Our consultants will interview with your team

– You select a team lead and the other team members

– Typically, we stagger the starts so that you have time to work individually with each new consultant

All of our nearshore technology consultants have a U.S. travel visa and can easily visit your location for planning, team-building, software engineering services, project work, and more.

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