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Agile and Scrum, Offshore Outsourcing – Prosoft Nearshore

From custom web design and app development to consulting, Prosoft Nearshore delivers high quality service and scalability to business clients across the U.S. With a team of talented software developers based in San Jose, Costa Rica, trained in all the latest technologies including agile and scrum, we offer a unique combination of experience, flexibility, and talent, combined with the competitive pricing unique to offshore outsourcing.

Regardless of whether you are new to offshore outsourcing, or have had prior experience, the Prosoft Nearshore team is ready to help you get started. We are proud to provide you with the highest level of technical talent combined with superior project management and customer service.

With more than six years of offshore outsourcing experience in Costa Rica, we offer reliable and time-saving software solutions at affordable prices. With a focus in agile and scrum, we closely partner with each client, working together as a cohesive team to effectively develop the best solutions to technical challenges.

Agile and Scrum Offshore

  • Microsoft Certified
  • Highly-Experienced resource pool across technologies/platforms
  • Quick-Start Team ramp-up, onsite visits/knowledge transfer
  • Agile and Scrum Software Development methodology
  • Interactive Scrum Framework
  • Quality Assurance

Offshore Outsourcing – Costa Rica

  • Close physical proximity to United States
  • Similarity of culture and communication
  • Reduced budget and schedule risks
  • Stable economic conditions
  • Same U.S. Time Zone collaboration
  • Daily, customer project development
  • Travel-ready resource pool

Agile and Scrum Team Management

  • U.S.-based Project Managers ensure quality
  • Offshore Development Manager leads app development team
  • Technical Lead oversees app development
  • Site Manager coordinates equipment, training and staffing
  • Agile and Scrum development practices daily
  • Sales and Support staff remain connected throughout the engagement
  • Stay agile; remove expensive contractors

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