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Prosoft Nearshore Specializes in Mobile Design and App Development

The move towards mobile design and mobile applications in recent years has been dramatic, in large part due to the popularity of the iPhone, iPad, and android devices.

Prosoft Nearshore is a full service mobile app company offering professional and affordable mobile design and app development on platforms that include:

  • iOs
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile

Outsourcing App Development for the Best Mobile Design

In order to create the most functional and appealing mobile applications, our nearshore app development experts are trained in mobile user interface (UI) design.

In addition to meeting your mobile design needs to provide the highest quality app development, we can also help you select the technology that best fits for a given application. For example, while it might look like an app on the front-end, a mobile web page is sometimes the more efficient solution.

Depending on your needs, our app development team can help you select the best platform for your mobile app using the latest industry guidelines, or we can provide cross-platform app development. Our experienced mobile design and app development team takes performance into careful account, recognizing the importance this has on overall satisfaction among users.

With mobile design expertise across platforms and devices, Prosoft Nearshore is a valuable resource when planning your mobile design strategy. Contact us today for more information about outsourcing app development, mobile design, or a free estimate.

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