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Quality assurance is a very important part of software engineering process, focused on maintaining quality and adherence to specific technical standards.

Software quality assurance is one area where off-shoring to India has worked well for the traditional Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC. Software engineers in the United States check in code at the end of the day, while offshore quality assurance analysts test it overnight.

QA Outsourcing in an Agile Development Environment

In a more agile development environment, quality assurance or QA usually requires more interaction with a software engineering team. This means that the significantly different time zones involved in QA outsourcing to places like India can be an issue. QA Outsourcing with Prosoft NearshoreIn addition, the level of offshore quality assurance testing is sometimes fairly simple, with integration and regression testing being conducted by the onshore IT team.

QA outsourcing with Prosoft Nearshore offers a unique opportunity for companies operating in an agile environment. With offices located in Costa Rica, Prosoft Nearshore offers clients the opportunity to have easy access to highly skilled quality assurance personnel in the Central U.S. time zone. Our nearshore QA outsourcing experts in Costa Rica work in real time to develop test plans and complete high-level UAT, regression and integration testing.

If your team is engaged in Acceptance TDD (Test-driven development), Prosoft Nearshore can assist with expertise in products like Finesse. Creating the acceptance tests and gaining approval from the business owner is a great step towards becoming more agile.

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